Our mission
Our mission //

The GIA group of companies means:

Responsible recommendation for customers regarding their insurance coverage

Responsible recommendation for customers regarding their insurance expenses optimalization

Insurance brokering on the nationwide and local scale

Reliability and business credibility

Our mission
Who we are
Who we are //

GIA Investments

is the parent company of a group of insurance intermediaries, with its core consisting of insurance brokers.

The GIA group of companies

represents a very personalized approach towards customers’ needs and a steady extension of services to their benefit and that is the reason why it is ranked at the prestigious 7th position among insurance intermediaries operating in Poland in 2019 within this market segment.

Our corporate development

is based on knowledge and on a more than a 20-year insurance market experience of the GIA group of companies’ managers combined with a constant in-house insurance know-how transfer, which improves the quality of services rendered to our customers as for corporate property insurance and employee protection plans.

Who we are
About us
About us //

The GIA group of companies:



supporting the transfer of risk management responsibilities from our customers to insurers


on the brokering market segment in Poland


of insurance premium serviced by brokers and agents (2019)


in the whole country – countrywide presence as well as on local scale in every region of the country (brokers and multi-agents)
Reliable and in-depth assessment of all the insurance risk categories faced by customers
Efficiency in negotiating conditions of the insurance protection of customer’s activities
Effective assistance in insurance settlement
About us
Brokerage services
Brokerage services //

Brokerage services in the GIA group

The leading role in the GIA group of companies is ensured by insurance brokers: Polska Grupa Brokerska Ltd. (www.polskagrupabrokerska.pl) and GSU Broker Ltd. (www.gsubroker.pl).

As insurance brokers we represent – towards insurers – only and solely the interests of our customers. To co-operate with us means to get coverage programmes exceeding the negotiation potential of a single company or individual seeking insurance protection.

Polska Grupa Brokerska was set up in 2012 and consists of a dozen of very experienced  brokers, who are experts in insurance, finance, healthcare and risk assessment and provide customers in all regions of Poland with representation services as far as the insurance coverage is concerned. Polska Grupa Brokerska offers to customers a thorough evaluation of their insurance needs and requirements and works out insurance programmes on this basis as well as carries out the negotiation process with insurers, goes over their offers and recommends the best one within property, vehicle, financial, construction&assembly, life and health insurance products. As a professional broker, Polska Grupa Brokerska supports for free customers within the process of possible damage liquidation through its insurance settlement centre, specially designed for this purpose.

GSU Broker is an insurance brokering company active on the market for more than 25 years, operating especially in the Silesian region (southern Poland) firstly as a mutli-agent, then – as of 2005 – as a broker.

Likewise its partner company in the GIA group of companies – Polska Grupa Brokerska, GSU Broker secures the full range of representation services for private companies and public entities when dealing with insurers within a wide scope of property and life insurance products. In addition, the broker operates actively in the GSU Insured Association, where it fosters the insurance awareness in the Polish society via the collection of opinions on the insurance market and of particular cases of mistreatment of the insured, helping them and acting as an insurance broker.

The whole range of companies belonging to the Group is complemented by International Brokers Group Ltd., which acts within the GIA group of companies as a reinsurance broker providing a reinsurance coverage of insurance projects undertaken by customers thanks to our broking activities.

Brokerage services
Operational activities
Operational activities & Big Data //

Operational activities/Big data in the GIA group

Specific activities in the GIA group of companies are conducted by BD Advisory & Assistance Ltd., which specializes in delivering to companies from the insurance industry a wide range of consulting and auxiliary services, especially those presenting a data science profile, such as database management, intelligent analytical systems creation, use of new algorithms and data exploration models.

There are also business operators in the GIA group of companies, which are multi-agents with local and nationwide coverage, especially GSU Spółka Ubezpieczeniowa Ltd. and a new multi-agency Superpolisa GSU Ltd., which, according to the expansion strategy of the Group, was set up in co-operation with one of the largest insurance brokering group in Poland. Moreover, a Shared Services Centre – GSU Centrum Usług Wspólnych, was set up within the operational diversification of the Group.

Operational activities
We on the market
We on the market //

The largest number of customers

is serviced by the GIA group of companies in the following sectors:


extraction industry

health service

industrial and public services

public administration

Due to the assessment of insurance market segments as well as of information provided by customers, we have been working out for a certain time, then have specialized in creating comprehensive and interesting coverage programmes offered mainly to:

  • employee groups (industrial workers, freelancers, public sector employees)
  • transportation sector
  • mining industry
  • hospitals
  • educational institutions

To extend similar programmes to a dozen other sectors of public and private activities is one of the 4 axes of the development strategy of the GIA group of companies for 2019-2022.

The expansion of our activity as a Group will be based within this period on:

  1. specialized sectoral insurance programmes
  2. the extension of the corporate structure of the GIA group of companies
  3. the co-operation with selected insurance companies from the European Union
  4. modern service solutions for customers and new tools applied to the co-operation with companies from our industry

Taking into account our market experience, insurance know-how and strategic orientation to new products and solutions, the GIA group of companies invites companies and public institutions to contact us directly as far as property and personal insurance are concerned, but also business operators from our industry to co-operate with us on an operational basis, on potential common project basis or regarding opportunities to join our organization.

We on the market
Mission //

The GIA group of companies means:

Responsible recommendation for customers regarding their insurance coverage

Responsible recommendation for customers regarding their insurance expenses optimalization

Insurance brokering on the nationwide and local scale

Reliability and business credibility

CSR //

Corporate Social Responsibility

For many years, we have become involved in helping animals and our Foundation „For Harry” is just the formalization of these activities. Everything we do in this respect, we do it from the bottom of our heart, empathically and with the willingness to change the world. We save stray, ill animals and those destined for slaughterhouses. The Council and Management Board of the Foundation, which act on pure charity basis, supervise its structural development and the allocation of collected funds, so that the growing number of charges may benefit from a proper care. At present, the Foundation takes care of several dozen animals – horses, donkeys, dogs, cats and goats.

For a couple of years, we have been running – in the form of an association – the boxing club „Red Gloves”, being a member of the Polish Boxing Union and giving to young boxers  – from teenagers to adults – the opportunity to polish up boxing skills. They have at their disposal a new club, which meets all the standards required for a sport club, as well as experienced trainers, who organize and supervise trainings, manage the recruitment process, assess the progress made by new and existing boxers and work out tournament preparatory cycles. “Red Gloves” players have a lot of tournament successes under their belt and the basic aim of activities giving us the utmost satisfaction is to promote physical fitness.

Contact //

Mariusz Goetze / President of the Management Board

Mariusz Antczak / Commercial proxy / Chief Strategy Officer
mobile: +48 602 637 429

office phone no: +48 221021010
ul. Żegańska 2a
04-713 Warszawa